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Address: Office 202, 81a, 30 let Pobedy St., Tyumen
Telephone: +7-952-680-3170, +7-952-680-7706

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Courses of “Ves mir” Foreign Languages Centre


Below you can find information on the courses of foreign languages and Russian as a Foreign Language in the following interactive form:

- What study mode is offered?

  1. In mini-groups of 2 to 4 students enabling the teacher to pay a proper attention to each student (with a 90-minute class duration);
  2. One-to-one classes aimed at achieving a specific goal of each student (with a 60-minute class duration).

- Where are the classes held?

    Some variants are possible here:
  1. In our offices located at: Office 305, 8, Pervomayskaya St. or Office 202, 81a, 30 let Pobedy St.;
  2. In your Company office according to the address specified in the Supplement to the Contract.

- How are the groups formed?

  • According to the user’s level: from Starter to Advanced ones. To define the level we first conduct free testing, the so-called “Placement Test”. In the international practice and according to the European Common Framework of Reference there are 6 levels: Starter; Elementary; Pre-Intermediate; Intermediate; Upper-Intermediate; Advanced.

- How long does the course last?

  • For covering each of the levels one usually needs 1.5 to 3 months. It depends on the initial level of knowledge, motivation, training intensity and rapidity of language acquisition.

- What should be the schedule like?

  • We recommend taking classes 2 or 3 times per week with the class duration of 60 or 90 minutes having a 1-or 2-day interval necessary for doing home assignments and revising the learned material by oneself.

- Who are your tutors?

  • Qualified specialists of a university level who are given preliminary training in the communicative teaching methods. We teach all the language aspects: speaking, reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, phonetics and grammar, i.e. we use a complex approach to foreign language teaching.

One of the peculiarities of our classes is the fact that neither our teachers nor students use their native language from the very first lesson! This is what gives them a chance to use a foreign language constantly. Students always hear the tutor’s foreign speech, they use it themselves to reveal their thoughts to the interlocutor or to ask the tutor to clarify something they do not understand. Such skills allow them to manage any further language situation while being in the country of the foreign language and while communicating with foreigners in Russia!

Foreign Languages

Written and oral translations, notarization.
Language courses for travelers abroad.
Russian for foreigners.

Office 305, 8, Pervomayskaya St., Tyumen
Office 202, 81a, 30 let Pobedy St., Tyumen
Tel.: (3452) 70-77-06, 70-31-70
Mob.: +7-952-680-3170, +7-952-680-7706

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